The consulting practice is home to a hard-working passionate team of professional staff dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of quality eye care.

Welcoming you into our facility, performing diagnostic tests, preparing you for your booking for admission for surgery, assisting you with making appointments, we are here to help you. Patient care is our highest priority.

Our staff are integral to the care & support of our patients. 

Our team includes:

  • 6 Specialist Ophthalmologists Dr Martin Duncan, Dr Iain Dunlop,  Dr Gagan Khanna,  Dr Salim Okera, Dr Geoffrey Broadhead, Dr Daniel Athavale.

  • Clinical Team - Includes our Clinical Team Leader Abhishek

  • Orthoptists & Clinical Team -  Nielsen, Mahesh, Roji & Nanda 

  • Doctor's Reception Team - Kerry, Edith, Carly & Kim.

  • Support Team -  Robyn, Melissa, Maryanne, Susan & Rajum

  • Surgical Bookings Team - Sanam, Elizabeth & Maryanne

Portrait of staff member Practice Manager - Sue Evans

Practice Manager - Sue Evans

Sue has extensive experience in General Practice Management as well as Specialist & Allied Health Management over many years.

Sue prides herself in quality care of patients,specialists and of our  professional team of orthoptisits, receptionists, surgical bookings and administration team members. 


Orthoptic & Clinical Team

We have a team of orthoptists work closely with our doctors. They assist the doctor with dilating your eyes, undertake any preliminary diagnostic tests including scans and field tests, pre operative and post operative care, as well as medical and medication history updates.