Consultations & Diagnostics

Prior to your Appointment

All new patients require a letter of referral from their general practitioner, optometrist or specialist for a consultation with one of our specialists. The referral should be addressed to the doctor you will be seeing.

We are a private facility and payment is required for consultations, diagnostic testing and any treatment performed during your consultation.

If you are an ongoing patient please check when making your next appointment whether a new referral is needed.

On arrival at Canberra Eye Surgeons for your appointment

On arrival we will check and enter all your identifying information into our patient information system.  Patients should ensure they bring the following items to their appointment:

Please wear a mask

  • Your referral (if it has not already been sent through)
  • Medicare Card, DVA Card (if applicable), Pension card (if applicable)
  • Your glasses that you currently wear
  • Private health insurance details
  • Completed Patient Information Form (you can complete this on line prior to your appointment, click the link at the bottom of the page)
  • Sunglasses for when you leave (your eyes may be sensitive due to testing or drops used)

Some waiting time is expected from your arrival time until you see the doctor. Please allow plenty of time for your consultation, usually two hours should be sufficient.

Preliminary testing and consultation

Your consultation will include seeing an Orthoptist (trained clinical staff) prior to seeing the specialist. They will perform some initial eye tests and measurements that are required to assist the specialist to determine your eye health and diagnosis. This may include undertaking some diagnostic tests on behalf of the doctor.

It may be necessary to dilate your pupils with eye drops. These drops may cause some blur to the vision especially for near focus, and increased sensitivity to glare when you go outside. This effect can last up to two hours and we ask that you consider this for your transportation arrangements.

We request that patients allow at least two hours for their initial consultation with the specialist.

Please complete the Patient Information Form and submit this to us prior to your appointment.